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The Centennial Citizen Health Blog is an online resource that provides tips and information about a variety of health topics.

At every age, each of us encounters some sort of health issue. In the vest majority of cases, the issue will be minor. But sometimes our families can be confronted with significant health challenges of the mind or body.

This blog will do its best to provide the most relevant and recent information about the topic, along with places where more can be learned.

So whether your family is dealing with a major health issue such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, heart attack, stroke, etc., or less significant issues such as the flu, broken bones, poor dental hygiene, elevated cholesterol, etc., we can point you in the right direction.

Some of the categories that we will cover include:
– Mental health
– Heart health
– Skin and hair health
– Dental health
– Digestive health
– Fitness & Diet
– Diabetes
– Aging
– Diseases
– Bone Health
– Pain management
– Eye health
– Reproductive health
– and more

So visit us often and feel free to leave comments.

Brett Pearlman

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