Mental Health: Inside Depression

In this video, you’ll learn about depression which is one of the largest mental health diseases. Depression affects more than 350 million worldwide.

It was originally thought that depression was due a lack of the brain’s feel good chemical called serotonin. But while this may play a role, researchers now believe that the problem goes deeper.

There could also be an issue with the cell connections in the brain. Further, depressed people tend to have a smaller hippocampus. It’s a part of the brain that affects memory and emotion. The hoppocampus tends to shrink the longer someone is depressed. Stress seems to be a big factor in this event.

But the good news is that when stress subsides, the hippocampus will regenerate and grow.

Many people are pre-disposed to depression because studies indicate that there is a genetic marker.

Ultimately, depression is a serious disease with a biological basis. It’s much more than someone waking up sad one day and just needing a pep talk. Watch this video to get the full story.

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